Wiki's in Plain English...

To modify any page on this web site, you must first become a Wikispaces member.

To join you can either

  1. Reply to the email I sent you (If you are a Cluster member)
  2. Or go to Wikispaces

  • When you're signing up it gives you an option to create a new wikispace.
  • You can just say NO to that. If you change your mind later, it's really easy to create a wikispace.
  • After you become a Wikispaces member, return to this wiki web site and click the 'join' link at the top of the page.
  • Wikispaces sends me an e-mail automatically, and after I get the e-mail, I will approve your membership and send you a reply.

  • After you are approved, find the page you want to change, and click the Edit button on that page.
  • You will then see the text of the page in an edit box.

  • Make the necessary changes, and click the Preview button to be sure it looks right.
  • Once you have verified the page, click the Save button.

  • Wiki pages are written in a code known as wikitext. It accomplishes the same things as HTML, but it's a lot simpler.

The wikispaces HELP (button found top right hand corner of the page) is very clear and consise with plain language and brilliant support.....remember to check it out.
Here is a screen shot example of one of the pages...

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you may have and are more than happy for you to drop me an email if you are 'stuck' or just need a little more direction.

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An acknowledgement to Lenva Shearing who presented during Breakout 1 at the Learning@Schools Conference this is a fantastic resource for those ready to take the next step with their wiki. Watch this site for changes coming soon..... like scrolling banners etc.....