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Blogging Rollover site as highlighted at blogging workshop Omanu Week 3


Blogs in Plain English

The video examples what a blog actually is, would be equally as valuable shared with the learners in your classroom.

Have you consider the needs of the learners in your classroom?

Ask yourself some questions:
*How 'big' is my classroom? (Do the children only learn 'within' in?)
*Am I creating memorable learning experiences?
*Are my reluctant writers inspired?
*Are my talented writers extended?
*Are the Key Competencies of the new curriculum truly being challenged in my classroom?
*What impact will I make on my learners?
*Will I make a difference to everyone?


Check out our

Teaching, Learning, Sharing

Classblogmeister page at this site
You will find examples of "Bling" for your blogsite, with links or directions to creating your own.

A Bloggers Guide to the Galaxy! A MUST read - "Uses for Blogs in Education" and "What Blogging does for Students"set your students up for the 21st Century!!
For a HUGE list of links to both Educational, Teacher and Student Blogsites, New Zealand and International, CLICK HERE.

Here's a link to our cluster bloggers/wiki directory page.....check out what other teachers in our cluster are doing,

Point England Blogs
Where to start with Wiki's and Blogs - Fantastic resource created by Jacqui Sharp

Go to to make cute avatars (online representations of yourself!).....great for kids exploring options for online identities.Weemee.jpg

Click on image


This site has how to remove your Blog Banner!

Looking for a fancy background?
Look no further........
This site is called "The Cutest Blog on the Block" (This site is for when you are using "Blogger" not Classblogmeister)
(Beware of all the advertising! The only down side to this fabulous wealth of free resources)
Here is a site that uses one of these excellent 'team' Blog
PHS Junior Blog
This school also has a 'Middle Team" and a "Senior Team" Blog all done in the same format.


VERY easy to use
No individual Pages for learners
Can 'tag' each learners entries so that their name 'appears' down the right handside so parents can easily view each child's individual entries.
No need to 'host' photo's in an online environment (such as Flickr) - can upload images directly from your computer
Limited templates backgrounds (but can use "cutestblogonthe blog one's though)

Much more widely used so many Web2.0 tools have links to upload directly into Blogger accounts.
Layouts are limiting. I don't like the small 'box' style down the middle of the page.
I need to explore why teachers currently using Blogger chose to.
(Allanah King says "Easy to use, easier to teach teachers to comparison!")

Allanah King's BLING FOR YOUR BLOG site (takes you right through from initial setup to doing amazzzzzing things!)

Here are some helpful resources for you.

A Working Class Blogmeister Site, rich with examples, inspiration and possibilites for you to 'steal'! **CLICK HERE**
Blogmeister Instructions
Initial Setup
Great Online Tools for your Blog
Bloggers Contract - Very useful tool

Visit a "How to Wiki" created by Lorraine Watchorn - facilitator for the RELLCO cluster.

Profile Tools, free Myspace layouts, free Myspace comment codes, images, Myspace Layouts
Free Myspace Layouts
Endless possibilities on this site, stickers, animated gifs......check out my blogsite to see more as well....
Animated Tags=

Award Courtesy
Award Courtesy
Award Courtesy
Picture Trail
For embedding Power Points on a Wiki or Blogsite.
For making your own Online Bookshelf - copy the code and your widget will appear!
Scribd - Publish Yourself Online (Fantastic for uploading documents to your Blog/Wiki etc)
BBC Bitesize Games - embed one of these games to challenge your students!

Check out these examples

You have 3 choices on this site "ACTIVITY" "REVISION" or "QUIZ"

Links to other Cluster members Blogsites........Also see our Directory Page.....

Please keep in mind that these teachers are 'experimenting' with Class Blogmeister and would love you to 'view' comment and offer feedback (via this wiki).
Bronwyn - Te Akau ki This is a 'Pod' writing blog.....fantastic forum Bron. (Please note Bronwyn has since left Te Akau ki Papamoa)
Amie-Lee - Te Akau ki All this after one session!~
Sue - Te Akau ki A fine example of celebrating Web 2.0 tools!

Other Blogsites worth viewing

Room 5 at Peachgrove School
Room 3 Whakarongo School
Kool Kowha i - Te Ranga School - Te Puke
Allanah King's Moturoa class Blog
Navigators - Palmerston North
Division Ten's Blog - Mrs Scott
South Paris

Teachers/ICT Leaders
Rachel Boyd
New Flickr uploaded for Mac or PC (speeds up the whole process.....many thanks to Glen from Te Akau ki)

Take a tour through the digital side of Room 9 at Nelson Central School in New Zealand. Let these 6 & 7 year olds educate you about blogs and blogging and show you what they're doing with podcasting, wikis, blogs and more everyday in their classroom. Also see the effect these "cool" tools have had in enhancing the home/school relationship. These student's may be young, but they're connected worldwide! Share in their learning and experiences. Check out their class blog here at or our Teacher's Edublog

From Te Akau ki Papamoa Teachers

Sue and I have been creating our blogs and would like to share a resource. We have put in a cluster map, to show our learners where there "audience" is in the world.
Firstly you need to copy your blog sites URL (just highlight the http:// address at the top of the window of your blog site)
Next, go to the clustrmap site
Add your URL and your email address.
Click the make my map button, and then highlight the recommended code. This code then goes into the control panel in your blog edit area. In the about you, side bar info box - paste it in and then submit the description.
You have a new cluster map!
Cheers, Bronwyn (TAKP)

Here is a world clock that you can add to your blog. Go to and choose a category, click on 'View HTML tag' where you can change it to our time zone, and change the size to 200 x 200 fits snuggly under your Blogger description and Cluster map (see above). Copy the code and then go to your blog site/edit mode/About you/. Paste the code in under your cluster map and description/ hit submit descriptions and it should be in there. Good luck. Sue & Bronnie (TAKP)