"Mostly" for Junior/Middle


This site,Academic Skill Buildersis a wealth of educational interactive games, some 1 player some multi player. Similar in style toBBC Bitesize games but different interface and clearer choice of specific learning intentions. The teacher success stories are rich and add authenticity to using the games in class.
Several classes within our cluster are enjoying the challenges this online learning game site provides........

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VECTORPARK - LEVERS A fantastic game with no reading required!=

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There is serious problem solving to be done in this game.
Suitable for Years 2 up (adults love it too!), with concepts that both challenge and engage.

Something Special Painting Game


Although based on the T.V show Something Special, kids don't need to watch to be able to play. This game is fun and colourful and the way the activity unfolds is in the player's hands. They select characters and storyline, then read it (with text and audio support). At various parts of the process, they're invited to draw some of the images that would go into the story.
This site is still in Beta (trial) format but seems stable....your learners can play other children anywhere around the online totally safe educational game (Rare Find!) Tutpup

This is huge fun! If you are a junior teacher you're learners are just going to love it!

Online version of the popular game "Simon" - fantastic on an IWB or with Data Projector

Funbrain - Games, Puzzle, Brainteasers

"Mostly for".....Middle/Seniors
This game is excellent! Great for Year 4 up. You just move your mouse over parts
of the picture and answer questions (Literacy, Maths and Science) to move
to the next level. Great graphics.....gets more challenging....would be great
on Wiki's and Blog's as a 'parent/learner' homework challenge.

Questionaut Quest1.png

  • This game would be highly effective on an IWB

  • Would be great collorative tool for buddy classes to solve together.

  • Questions could be workshopped in teams then answers shared and negotiated.

  • Leaners could communicate with 'outside experts' e.g Skype other classes/Schools "dial a friend" to find their answers.

  • Unlimited potential!

Learn and build, challenging and fun.

2 Sustainability Games

Sites shared by Cluster Teachers

Room 108 - Over 400 pages of educational games and resources. - A portal to thousands of free online learning games and activities.
Check out this challenging Maths game for Middle/Senior students - develop thinking and strategy skills! Bloxorz
Puzzlemaker - Excellent for making your own Topic/Inquiry related Word Mazes, Crosswords etc
Thinking games - from Bronwyn W (Te Akau ki Papamoa)

Other sites to explore that share a wide variety of games catering for all ages
Visit Suzie Vespers Blog for a selection of flash games she has just found (via Twitter) and blogged about.....