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Hamish Gavin from Welcome Bay School share his previous experiences with "I Can Animate"

Uses my kids last year had for iCanAnimate:
  1. Wet-day activity!
  2. Another way of publishing written work - animate your story, either with toys or by drawing it. Really motivating for children who don’t like writing.
  3. Reader response: retell a story, or a part thereof, using animation. Show an alternate ending using animation.
  4. Claymation
  5. Green screening
  6. SFX sequence in a bigger project (I had an ambitious group of boys who were wanna-be movie makers. They were making a film of their own and wanted to create a special effects sequence for part of it. They chose to use iCanAnimate to do it)
  7. Response to music: create an animation for a favourite piece of music
  8. DLO: a number of students chose to demonstrate their learning around a particular WALT by creating a DLO (Digital Learning Object). Eg: two girls wanted to demonstrate equivalent fractions. They used iCanAnimate’s onion skinning ability to create a sequence showing a pizza splitting itself into quarters, then into eighths - different fraction, same amount of pizza.
NB: DLOs were up to the students - they had a planning process to go through, part of which was selecting an appropriate application. I never told them they had to use a particular application.