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A two day workshop was held recently (November 19th-20th) at Welcome Bay School, facilitated by Nikki Keys and Paula Jamieson.

Every school within the Cluster was represented.
Te Akau ki Papamoa - Sue and Ange M
Welcome Bay - Erin and Kathryn
Omanu - Amy and Annette B.
St Mary's - Bill, Gavin, Janine and Helenena
Mount - Anita, Dylan and Nicola

Resources used/referred to:
Inquiry Power Point - Sharon Friesen
Create a School Model - created by Jan-Marie Kellow
I have exported this Keynote as a powerpoint so apologise for any transitions lost or changed.

Each person that attended was given a CD Rom with Resources, Powerpoints, Movies and Information which is able to be shared throughout the school.

Kipling's Seven Servants....where did it come from?
Ange M and I did a little internet surfing and this is what we found.....

Here is a link to the fable "The Elephant's Child" which concludes with the poem above....