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E-Learning in a Junior Classroom

Inquiry learning at Bucklands Beach Intermediate

What now with Inquiry - many useful active links in this presentation

Inquiry Readings

Trevor Bond

Inquiry Models:

Useful Websites
Concept to Classroom - An Inquiry-based Learning Workshop with clear sections. Explanation, Demonstration, Exploration, Implementation. Excellent short videos and 'Buzzwords' (clear pop-up explanations of terms).
Youth Learn - Teaching Techniques, Planning guides, links and activities.
Teacher Tap - Project, Problem and Inquiry-Based Learning
10 Tips for Inquiry Based Learning
Best Practices: Instructional Strategies and Techniques
Inquiry Learning and Key Competencies . Perfect match or problematic partners?

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Living Heritage - Inquiry Learning -

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Useful New Zealand Sites and Links

Lorraine Watchorn, ICT Infused Inquiry -
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Trevor Bond -
Jan Marie-Kellow-
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English Online - Teaching as an Inquiry
TKI - Inquiry Learning at Weber School
TKI - Inquiry Learning for Sustainability
Centre 4 - Wanganui ICTPD Cluster Inquiry Resources
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Jan Marie Kellow - Inquiring Mind Resources
Jan Marie Kellow (Excellent Links) - What is Inquiry
Read an interesting Blog written by Jane Nicholls about Kate Murdoch's Inquiry approach ICT U Can

School Models

Salford School
Dyer Street School -
Viscount School -
Webquest Inquiry -
Southbridge School -
Click here for a link to Sara Taylors (Manawatu Clusters) Inquiry Learning Page. Check out the link pages down the left hand side - SSS, Questioning, Thinking, Notetaking, Websites. If you click on the "Whakaronga" or "Parkland" names down the bottom lefthandside it will link you to a wealth of examples of each of these schools inquiry process. (Excellent digital examples of integrating inquiry/ICT and Literacy.....Comic Life, Animation, Digital Photography etc, etc). This site has useful videos, sharing 'best practise'.

Hi Nikki Keys here.

Over the last ten years I have developed the Inquiry Approach and using Thinking Tools through Curriculum Integration. I have trialed many models and have integrated thinking skills throughout my programme. Through presenting at ICT conferences, leading staff and having been a part of an ICT contract previously I have had opportunity to develop my own ideas with the above areas. I have a partnership with the Tauranga University where I share ideas with the Year 3 student teachers on Curriculum Integration and am happy to help lead staff meetings with other schools in this area or discuss on an individual level with interested teachers.

So what's happening in my classroom this year?

I am building on big ideas throughout the year. For example we started with a wide concept of 'Knowing Me Knowing You' and moved this term to 'Knowing our Community'. We will link our class wonderings and questions to move onto the wider global world with 'Knowing Our World' next term. Our staff negotiated our Big Concepts at the end of last year and we have been working on our understanding of what the Welcome Bay Learner means to us as staff, students and community.
On this page I thought it would be great to share ideas based around inquiry and integration of thinking tools and have posted a few snapshots of what's happening in Room 3 Welcome Bay Primary at the moment.

Walk the Walls of Nikki's Inquiry Classroom