Click here to see some excellent examples of linking Kid Pix and Literacy.
Kid Pix Help Files
Keynote and Bluescreening
Adding Sound
Movie Making with KidPix
Kidpix Tutorials
There are some excellent tutorials available on the net. has free educational videos and this is their Kidpix page.
Kidpix Delux 3 - an excellent site with clear explanations of how to use every aspect of Kidpix.
I have been asked "How do I delete Users from my Log in page on KidPix?" (Useful for removing inappropriate choices also!)
This is a 'screencapture' taken directly from the KidPix Help book (available under 'help' on your KidPix toolbar).......remember I have suggested that every school have at least one colour copy of this printed out and accessible for all - better still 1 copy per team.

Very Cute.....

TKI Kid Pix Unit Plans

A Maths Learning Centre for Juniors
Action Learning - Kiwi Logo's

There are also great lesson ideas from other places on the web

LT Technologies - this site's 'How to' section seems to not be working but there are good ideas for curriculum integration.
Kidpix in the Elementary Classroom - a large number of integration ideas and good quality PDF downloadable tutorials.
Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project - A lot of great ideas and pictures that you can use for Kidpix templates.
Integrating KidPix into the Curriculum - An excellent site from Australia with ideas across most curriculum areas.

Examples of Kidpix Slides

Whangaroa New Entrant Class
Some great examples of using Kidpix on this Flickr page.

Useful Tips

1) Drawing using the mouse is quite difficult so one way to support the children is to get them to draw the picture first on paper, trace the outline to transparency paper and the attach this to the screen for the kids to trace around using Kidpix tools.
2) Children can get lost in all the choices available to them in the different tools. You can cut down the number of tools available to them using the Teacher menu (hold down Control T to see this menu on a PC)

Looking for creative ways to use Kid Pix in the classroom?

Individuality Juniors, Maui Year 4's

I would like to acknowledge Sara Taylor the ICT Facilitator of the Manawatu Cluster for allowing me to share her digital literacy with you. Please check out her personal wiki here for even more ideas. Many thanks for your inspiration Sara. This is her Cluster Home Wiki.

Kid Pix 3 Deluxe

Want excellent 'Help' notes for Kid Pix?

Useful sites to link to relating to Kid Pix in the classroom

Preview of “Kid Pix Links”.pdf

YES, you can even Podcast using Kid Pix (excellent for Juniors!).

Here how easy it is from another Kiwi Classroom teacher - Podcasting using KidPix

Creating a Slideshow

Thinking about using Kid Pix for Animation?

Would love to see teachers adding any content here to help support new learners to get the most out of this programme......