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Paula's Presentation Link

Who attended from our Cluster? Here's is a screenshot of the document that you can download above (there are live links in the document so that you can email those that you have connected with....or you may be planning on collaborating with a teacher from a different school to share at the ULEARN CLUSTER SHARE?) Ulearncon.png Gary Stager - Keynote Day 1 Gary.png Readings and Resources Gary referred to and that were linked to from his website.
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All of our Cluster Ulearn 09 Attendees, "Spruced up and Ready to Go".......

Omanu Teachers looking Glam..........Three of the ten Mount teachers who attended, out on the town.

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If you could sum up your ulearn experience in a few key words what would they be?

This Wordle was created from the feedback of the first 5 delegates who Skyped me back!