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Note to Workshop goers.....thanks for your patience tonight......a bit like those TV programmes "When good plans go bad!" - None or unreliable internet connections, No proxy connections......congrats to those that managed to sign, up, create a Voicethread and to those who visited WeeWorld and experiemented with creating Avatars to use for their learner identities. All things considered not a bad session.

Your Workshop Challenge: (or your homework!)....

An Introduction to - a downloadable and printed PDF - FANTASTIC resource! Great for your learners as well. TIP: It's in full colour, which is lovely for us visual learners but how bout saving on the photocopying budget and printing a couple out and laminating them (keep one in your suite, or by the COW or one per team perhaps)
*This is the one used at Thursday's WBS workshop

Voicethread Home Page
Voicethread in Education
Voicethread Directory
Suzie Vespers Voicethread Wiki
Voicethread in Education - Wiki - this is a MUST visit lots of support, authentic learning examples.....if you only want one site to visit make it this one!

This is very useful Slideshare presentation with active links created by Suzie Vesper

Suzie has also creatd this downloadable (PDF format) "How to Sheet" - an alternative to the one above.

Watch this short 'How to' Video for support in getting started.

This short 'easy read' pdf is well worth the read...

7 Things you should know about Voicethread

Check out the ways this Junior Class use Voicethreads on their fantastic Literacy Blog - Little Voices, Little Scholars (Room 5 Point England School)