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An Important Point To Note (Thanks to Don from Omanu):
For all you avid iMovie 06 users, the new video cameras with hard drives on board (which we all want so we don't have to handle tapes anymore!) record their footage in a different format so you can only use iMovie 08. Yes, the time for change is now.....I have spend time in the last week making a movie from 'wo to go' using 08 and well it doesn't have some of the features (special effects) I'd (maybe) have to say that I am (almost) converted. When you get into the swing of it you will see that it has a more user friendly editing panel and it also enables you to have a more professional 'finish'....will keep you posted.....thanks Don for 'making' me change (change is a challenge when you have used something 'well' for a long time, as all teachers can appreciate!).

An excellent example of using the Chromo Key (Green Screening)....


Help Tutorials

Apple iMovie 08 Their "Find Out How" site.
iMovie 06 - Atomic Learning - A Series of short free "How To" videos.
The "Unofficial" iMovie FAQ - useful site if you need a question answered.
Movie Making - Sara Taylors Wiki Page
iMovie - Knight Digital Media Centre
PE Zone - How To Use iMovie (In 'child's speak')

Helpful Videos

Cute very short video to highlight 'panning'

PDF Help Sheets

iMovie Instructions -
Storyboard -
Angles -
Shots -

(Just click the webarchive links above to download onto your computer)

Web 2.0 Tools

Jump Cut - With this site, you can upload your videos (like YouTube). The difference is that you can also edit your videos online using the tools in the application. You can crop your clips, add audio, transitions, titles and special effects. And it is free and really easy to use!
Video Downloading - links to Convert Tube, Zamzar, Media Converter, Video VDL, Techcruch and Splandoo.


Teaching Children to work with Video - Suzie Vespers awesome resource collection! A MUST SEE!!
Video Libraries - Where to find videos on the internet - Suzies site again! (I am in awe!)

Interesting Reading

First Look: iMovie 06 HD - Macworld Article
First Look: iMovie 08 - Macworld Article

A Look at iMovie used to maximise ICT and Curriculum Integration

Check out a Junior Room at Pongakawa School's creative slant on a TEAM schoolwide 'Big Idea'.
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This is a fantastic website with a Blog, Podcasts and authentic examples of students leading their own learning.