Through an informal after school sharing session where teachers discuss their classroom practises and 'discoveries' we are learning from, with and through each other while also addressing three of our Cluster Goals.
Cluster Goal 1: Remove the walls of the classroom through developing e-learning environments.
Success Indicator:

  • Students and teachers will work collaboratively to share examples of effective practice when developing literacies such as information literacy, digital literacy, multiple literacies which will be shared within and beyond the cluster.

Cluster Goal 2: Our schools will model effective practice and innovation with the authentic use of ICTs.
Success Indicator:

  • Teachers will be implementing new ideas through a variety of methods including face to face, and online learning opportunities where resources can be shared and stored.
  • Teachers are confident to continue sharing and celebrating their new professional learning and teaching pedagogies with a wider audience.

Cluster Goal 3: Grow Professional learning communities within our schools, between and beyond.
Success Indicator:

  • Lead teachers will mentor teachers to network and engage in a variety of modes including face to face, and online learning opportunities and reflect upon new learning and understandings which will impact on student learning.


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