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This is a great piece of software from Plasq, click on the 'tag' to be taken to their website.........
Made in Comic Life
which easily allows you to turn photos into comics. Brilliant for digital storytelling. You can add speech bubbles and fun text which can easily be manipulated to change shape, colour and size. Photos drag and drop into the frames. Highly recommended! This comes built into all new Macs and is available for downolad on the Plasq site. It is very inexpensive. Information on a New Zealand School Initiative for the purchase of Comic Life is available from
A Quick Tutorial Guide
Term 1, 2009 - Thinking Outside the Square with Comic Life
Polly from Omanu School recently shared these amazing examples of a creative use for Comic Life.
She attended an inspiring workshop at the Learning@Schools conference in Rotorua, led by E-Time.

The templates (and imported line drawings/images) were used as the base, then using the lettering tool and previous knowledge/learning experiences from within the class, learners positioned their words within that frame. After gaining the desired effect the "frame" was then deleted.


Here is a PDF copy for you to print off

Here is a PDF copy for you to print off

Here is a PDF copy for you to print off

Here is a PDF copy for you to print off

So What, Now what?

After returning to class, Polly put her new knowledge and experiences into practice, guiding her learners to "Lead their own Learning". After their whole class immersion in "Fish" each learner celebrated their understanding. Their next step is to go off on individual studies and answer their questions about other creatures. After gaining copies of the classes stunning fish I have placed them into a slideshow using Picturetrail (remember that Comic Life can be "Exported" as an "Image", choose "Jpeg" from the dropdown box then students work can be shared using iPhoto or any Web 2.0 tool).

Then collaboration and 'discovery' leads to....

Here's some fantastic examples created by Room 4 Mount learners

Examples From a New Zealand Classroom:

Photo's sourced from public Flickr website....
Year 8 Textile Comic
Year 8 Mechanical Comic

Examples From Our Cluster:

These examples were created by Learners from Mount Primary.


Try formating a Homework sheet using Comic Life - Year 4


Or using it to track Reading Goals - Year 1/2 (Provided by Sue Beesley Te Akau ki Papamoa-not be be used in original form please)

Examples From an American Secondary Teacher:




Huge range available from "Comic Life Meets the Curriculum"
Here are some examples that you and your students can download and add to as you wish.......excellent templates available from the above site

LinksHelpsheet - Excellent pdf accessed from Andrew Churches Wiki Educational Origami - links and information for educators.
Link to a Quiktime Movie with very clear overview details.
Class Projects
Comic Book Ideas from READ, WRITE, THINK.
Comics in the classroom as an introduction to genre study
Comics meet the Curriculum- Endless useful links.... - a whole website dedicated to Comic Life use in the classroom

Hard Copy Resources

FTC Publishing - I have several of their resources and they are affordable, and very user friendly. It needs to be ordered via internet but is shipped quickly.