Our first Cluster PD day will be held on Saturday, June 7th, we will spend the day being inspired by
Eric Frangenheim.
More about Eric......
Eric started his teaching career in 1970 in Zimbabwe and has also taught in South Africa and Australia. He has held the positions of Head of Department (History), Deputy Principal, Education Advisor for Gifted and Talented Students in Central Queensland (1988-1992), Co-ordinator of Gifted and Talented at an independent school for three years and has been Director of Rodin Education Consultancy since December 1995. In 1999 he and Tony Ryan established E-Learning Australia Pty Ltd to develop The Lesson Planner, a product which won the education category in the 2001 Asia-Pacific IT Awards and competed against nine other countries in Kuala Lumpar in September 2002.
Eric spends a lot of the year working in schools, presenting hands-on workshops which encourage the infusion of cognitive and cooperative thinking strategies in classrooms, curriculum and staff meetings. The basis for this work is contained in his first book, "Reflections on Classroom Thinking Strategies".
He is a regular presenter at state, national and international conferences, focussing on the promotion of effective thinking strategies. Eric also assists people to prepare more effective seminars and workshops and meetings, concentrating on the delivery and learning aspects of the presentations. The major focus has been in involving all participants in the learning process, ensuring a greater degree of transfer of seminar/workshop material into personal practice. His emphasis is on providing the "HOW" (ie, the stategies) for the presenters "WHAT" (ie, the content).
In 2005 Eric lead a workshop as part of the Nga Tii Roa Cluster (7 primary schools in the BOP - Cluster Facilitator Lorraine Watchorn). I was fortunate enough to attend this meeting and was not only insiped by left feeling armed and empowered with new knowledge and strategies to make an immediate impact on my classroom environment.

Thank you to all that attended our first whole Cluster PD Day.

Here are some Statistics for you....

Numbers that Attended

Omanu 21

Welcome Bay 15

Te Akau Ki Papamoa 10

Mount Primary 13

St Mary's Catholic School 7

Here is a link to a blank handout that was provided on the day. ERJ_CTTC_08 New Zealand Key Comp (2).doc

I will view the evaluation sheets this week and provide you with some feedback/feedforward.
I would love to see some comments here (on this page or on the 'discussions' page to how you felt about the day or in particular how it has impacted on your learning/teaching within your classroom or educational setting.)

Remember that all of Eric's resources are available from Alison at the Resource Centre in Tauranga on Durham Street.