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Some valuable discussions taking place centred around the effective use of IWB's. Click on the picture to link to the discussion forum.

A Interactive Reading Site "Roy-Tale of a Singing Zebra"- suitable for IWB or integrating into your reading programme with a C.O.W or individual machine. (Junior Focus)

Anita from the Mount has just shared this with me....A VERY POWERFUL MESSAGE!!!!!! SHOW YOUR CLASS......

The final winners of the Interwrite Learning/TeacherTube video contest have been announced. Only three winning schools were selected from over 200 entries! Thanks to all of the TeacherTube community members for voting for your favorites.

Aint Gonna Hold Us Back (D-I-G-I-T-A-L)

Studies show that technology has become the new “boys club.” but the students in Mr. Colosi’s first grade class intend to reverse that trend—these girls share their love of technology as a part of their future endeavors. The benefits of using technology in the classroom are endless, and in the future it will be important that our digital learners are represented by both genders. Sung to the tune of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” these six-year-old students embrace the available equipment, enthusiastically share some ways they use technology in the classroom, and offer an empowering message of hope to female students. In conjunction with the internet, new technology would further allow Mr. Colosi’s class to spread this optimistic and collaborative message to students around the world.

Visit Simon Botten's Top Ten Hints , where you can watch excellent short 'How to' video's
For those of you with Mac's looking for a stable alternative to the Interwrite software or for those of you with PC's exploring your options

Easiteach Basics

Here are some useful links for interactive sites on the web (the list will 'g r o w' feel free to add any that you use or find!)
I have included the URL's, rather than just link a title/word for those that may have visited these sites before (to save you time revisiting!)


Worth searchingGlobal Classroom,index Excellent first stop
Enter any curriculum area into the search box.......
ICT Games for Juniors
Kent Site - General/Spanish All levels
I Know That -


Play any instrument -
Virtual keyboard - Amazing Site! Play any instrument using your mouse..


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - Check out the 'Interactive Zone' (In the Art Gallery - Learning about Landscapes is excellent)

Classroom Tools

Interactive Calendar
Class Tools -
Interactive Maths Dictionary -



CrickWeb - Endless FREE resources
Topmarks site- Junior
Smartboard Site - Suitable for any board or Computer, well worth exploring. All levels (Excellent for Seniors)


Starship English -
Berenstain Bears Site -
Spin and Spell -
Reading Box -
Online Talking Stories -


Count Us In - - An Australian maths site
Maths Playground - - Junior and Middle


My Family -
Envionmental Study - - Waterways


Hasbro Site
Funbrain Games



Maths Starter of the day - A Few America days eg: Money concepts but in general well worth a look, my Year 4/5 class enjoyed many of these but would be excellent for year 6 to 8.
MathsThinking Skills -
Times Tables -
Maths Map - - Online maths Activities
Fast Factors - - Times Tables practise


Electric Circuits -


Lights, Camera, Action -
Mission Control - Science/English
Environmental -
Don't use said - ttp://
T.V Ad Campaign -
Advertising and marketing - - Selling Softdrinks

Health and PE

Coaching Tool - Excellent interactive coaching for Soccer/Netball/Rugby and Rounders

Aches and pains - Breaks and Fractures

Find out what human bones are made of and why they sometimes break. Learn how the body repairs broken bones, and how healing can be helped with slings or fibreglass casts. Learn about different types of breaks such as a 'greenstick fracture' and 'stress fracture'. Test your knowledge by matching words with their meanings. This learning object is one in a series of 12 objects and is suitable for middle and upper primary levels.

Skin - Take a closer look

Look under the surface of human skin. Find out the names for skin layers and major parts within the skin. Learn about fingerprints, nails, skin colour, wrinkles and how the body repairs breaks in the skin. Find out how sweating uses fluids to cool the body. Test your knowledge by labelling a diagram of the skin. Suitable for middle to upper primary level.

Sports Shoes

Shoes4u -
Investigate the properties of shoes that make them well-suited to particular sports. Examine the relationship between shock, absorption of force, and stopping time after landing. Test the amount of cushioning in a range of sports shoes. Look at variables in shoe design: cushioning, support, traction, flexibility, weight and durability. Design and test a pair of shoes for a particular sport. This learning object is one in a series of two objects. Suitable for upper primary level.


A link to a HUGE amount of Interactive sites...... -
Random Student Picker -
Middle School Games - Try 'Tricky Anagram' game