Here is a Handy guide for first time users of the 'PAGES' software programme

A big thankyou to Hamish Gavin from Welcome Bay School who has put the time and effort into creating this


Keynote and Pages - Suzie Vespers Links and Videos and also a downloadable manual.
Apple iWork Keynote 08 - Video Tutorial Site

Atomic Learning Excellent just-in-time learning website with short tutorials for Keynote and Keynote 2.
Keynote User Tips - Themes, tips, links, troubleshooting, and other cool stuff for Apple's Keynote presentation software.


Keynote/Pages New Features in 08 - A link to Sara Taylors Page(An excellent "How To" video on using the Instant Alpha Key.
Blue Screening Examples - Using Keynote Instant Alpha

Using the "Instant Alpha" tool
Calendars Created by Room 4 Mount Primary
calandarclaudia.jpg daisy_calender_page.jpgdarian_aang_calender_2.jpgeden_calander.jpgEllas_calender_2009.jpgGeorges_calender.jpggeorgia_calandar.jpgHaydens_calender.jpgJaap's_caleder.jpgjam_luke_burt.jpgJoes_Calender.jpgkyles_calander.jpgliams_calender.jpglibby's_calander.jpgoceana's_calanda.jpgpAIGES_CALENDARS.jpgstaceys_calender.jpgtanaea_calander.jpgTyla's_Calender_Photo.jpgtayla_s.h_calandar_09.jpg

Here's some inspirational and motivating examples of how this tool can be used in class......I'd love to see some of yours!

The above examples were posted by Sara Taylor on her Flickr site and shared at her Ulearn presentation - many thanks Sara.

Support Video's How to Use Keynote 08I created this page for an end of year school newspaper
(I saved it as a PDF so that the printer could 'use' it).
I found the background cork board and the 'utensils' in the 'Educational Scrapbook' template
(which is under Miscellaneous).
Then I copied and pasted the 'pushpins' and used the 'Shape' tool
to create the 'post its'........
Smart Builds - Animation Effect

Creating a Slide Master

How to use 'Pages'