PC (Windows) exclusive Programmes and sites

Photostory 3 - A very worthwhile programme, excellent for all age learners (I have had Year 1's and 2's use this independently with success.....watch this space for an example coming soon!)
Photostory3.pngThis is a screen capture only, click on website link (earlier) to download.
An excellent, 6 minute video on how to use Photostory3 - worthwhile watching......

St Mary's teachers are enjoying experimenting with the power of this easy to use programme...

Check out this example "Giant Pandas Information Report".
Gavin uploaded this to Youtube so that it could be embedded in his classroom Wiki, unfortunately the children have chosen a few 'poor' quality pictures that have blurred and made the writing difficult to read.....remember this is a learning journey and problem solving is a bonus!

Free Image Libraries

(Acknowledgement is due to Suzie Vesper for her educational software wiki from where I found these links....)

You can legally use a huge number of images available on the web. Here are a few to get you started.

Still Images

EduPic Graphic Resource
Designed specifically for teachers there are some excellent pictures for you to use on this site.
This site does Creative Commons searches of other sites such as Flickr, Morguefile and Stock Xchange.
ARCive - Images of Life on Earth
This website is trying to document in photos and in movies every living thing on earth. You can use their pictures for free for non-commercial, educational uses.
This site searches many of the free Stock Photo sites (such as the ones below) and brings back results from all of them. Very useful.
A searchable database of photos posted for free. Some owners of the photos ask that you let them know if you are planning to use them.
Stock Xchng
A huge database of images that are free to use.
This website is a photo sharing community was a VERY large number of photos contained within. Check what licence the photographer has attached to their photo before downloading. There is a handy way of searching Flickr with Flickr Storm.
Flickr Related Tag Browser
This is a novel way to search flickr photos. Type in a search term and the results appear in the middle with other related search terms in a circle around the results.
Image After
Not the simplist looking website but still has a number of free photos.
Studio 25
Create an account to use these free images. Great quality.
Another very large free photo site
ICT Teachers Photo Library
A little limited in the number of pictures but all can be used for educational purposes.
A large list of other sites!
If you still want to find some images, you could go through some of the other sites listed on this page.
Northumberland LEA ClipartFree to use for education on 12 commonly used topics.
Pics4Learning - a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers.
Warren and Genevieve Garst Photographic Collection- a huge number of pictures of animals from the collections of these wildlife photographers. Fair use copyright rules apply.
De Tools of the Trade Clipart Links
Links to a number of sites containing clipart that educators can use.
National Geographic Photo Galleries
A huge range of photos on many different topics.
A cross between Flickr and Google Map - click on a country and then get images from Flickr for that country
New Zealand
A website about NZ with photo galleries.

Desktop Images

The lower resolution pictures on this site are free but Suzie says it's worth paying for a lifetime subscription for a whole $35 US to get the higher resolution pics. The designs are gorgeous.

This site has a huge bank of wallpapers and icons that you can download.

Animated Images/ GIFs

Free animated gifs
A range of topics including a number of alphabet animations that can be put together to make words.
Animation Gold
Free animations and clipart on a range of topics.

Reducing Size of Images

File size too large? Use one of these to help cut it down to size so it loads quickly
Online Image Optimiser
Load images to this website and it will reduce the size for you.