A suggestion for those of you including the 'Olympics' in next term's 'content'......worth thinking about

Two new Ministry resources

Belonging and Participating in Society

Approaches to Social Inquiry

Both these resources will be available in your school.
See this useful link through TKI relating to Inquiry Learning and Asia

Let's remember that valuable and memorable teaching experiences are RICH, REAL and RELEVANT.

Inquiry Learning Olympic Links

Trevor Bond has this....
LearnNC - Data and Statistic Inquiry
TKI - Own Well Being - Year 9/10 Unit but easily adapted, some excellent ideas.
This is a GlobalNet Unit Plan relating to the Olympics. (Check out the ICT needs....1 computer per class...who said you couldn't do inquiry with only one computer?)

=Resources=For those of you not yet ready to take on the full inquiry path....
English Online Unit - Quest For Gold
Teacher Planet Lesson Plans
More Lesson Plans
The Official New Zealand Olympic Website
Facts relating to the Olympics
Googles Link to 'Kid Friendly' Olympic Sites
Olympic Online Links - Junior (some good wet lunchtime activities!)
Online Olympic Trivia Quiz - Middle/Senior
The Olympic Charter
Sports animations - with detailed explanations of each event, equipment used and techniques required.

Olympic Clipart

Useful Links

The Real Story of The Ancient Olympic Games - excellent visuals
Olympic Motto Chart - How does each sport best fit?
Rules and History of Olympic Sports
New Zealand Olympic committee
Famous Athletes
Flags of the World
Animated Flags
ThinkQuest explores Unusual Sports in the Olympics
Beijing Olympic News
Beijing 2008 Official Home Website
Olympics Cyberhunt - Interesting twist on a webquest! Middle/Senior
Olympic torch route - Excellent Map
The Olympic Experience - Through athletes (American!) struggles, human values. PDF worth viewing


Virtual Tour of the Olympic Museum


The Olympic Games of Ancient Greece
2008 Olympic Games Webquest - Middle/Senior