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Point England School's Podcasting Journey
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Visit their Podcasting Channel - KPE

Dorothy Burt's Hard Data - The Lure of Podcasting
This file is too big to place on our Wiki unfortunately....
There is one copy available at each school.
I am also happy to put onto a flash drive for anyone!

There is more to Podcasting than just recording "random ramblings" blog post on learning, teaching and collaborative podcasting with an emphasis and world focus on Reading and Writing. Click Here
Allanah King's podcasting showcase site.
A must see site by a Podcasting expert.

Suzie Vespers Podcasting Page. ......endless helpful links and examples also the 'Why' and how it will enhance the learning in your classroom 'stuff'......

Key Links

You need somewhere on the internet to 'host' your podcast (otherwise it's just a recording!) - Podomatic is my host of choice (but there are endless choices out there I'm sure!)

Music for Podcasting

Freeplay music
Be aware that this site contains ads which your school's safety net filters 'should' remove.....if concerned I would 'select' music and place into a folder on schools server.


Check out Lorraine Watchorn's Rellco Cluster page on Podcasting (All her school's are PC users!)

Podcasting with Audacity (Audacity is a free download for both PC and Mac but Garageband is the PREFERED option for MAC!)

Audacity.pngHere is a 'How to' page for podcasting with Audacity.


For Junior teachers especially, an excellent quick and easy entry into the world of Podcasting check out the KId PIx page on the Navigation Bar...

Check out Allanah kings Podcasting wiki on she has a wealth of experience and you will find this site very helpful I'm sure.
There is info here on both PC and Mac.

This is the first part of a presentation on Podcasting for the No Time For Online NZ Virtual Conference. All links and resources mentioned in this presentation can be found at the conference website at Part one will outline the importance that oral language plays in our curriculum and a general outline of what podcasting is.

This video links beautifully with the Literacy development we are taking part in through the ESHAS contract.

This is part two of the presentation on Podcasting for the Time4online NZ Virtual conference. In this presentation I showcase podcasts for fun, learning, instruction, and student learning.