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Point England

Visit Point England's Website HERE
Korero Point England Blogsite - Click HERE
Point England School have a very successful history of integrating Inquiry and ICT into their school curriculum. They are well known for their use of technology, particularly podcasting.

Bucklands Beach Intermediate

Visit Bucklands Beach Intermediate's website HERE
BBI has been 'placed on the map' for their state of the art E-Portfolio success and the way they have address thinking skills and integration of ICT.
BBI use Knowledge Net as their learning management system.

Outline of the day

15 teachers plus facilitator will be leaving the Bay, 2 private cars (ST Mary's and Omanu) and a Mini Bus - leaving Welcome Bay at 6am, to reach the first school in Auckland, Point England by 8.30am. After lunch we will be heading to Bucklands Beach Intermediate. Returning home by 5.30ish.

Those attending-
Paula - Facilitator
Nikki - Director (Absent due to illness - Kathryn instead)
Welcome Bay - Erin and Lynne
St Mary's - Janet, Jana and Catherine (Private Car) and Gavin and Geradine
TAKP - Bruce, Sue and Amie-Lee
Omanu - Rex, Don, Polly and Annette (Private Car)
Mount - Liz and Jan

We are fortunate to be joined by members of the RELLCO Cluster who are taking their second group of teacher's to visit Point England School. Lorraine Watchorn (Cluster Facilitator) has shared with me that she feels that in the past their visit left a very lasting impression on teachers and she feels this professional development to be as powerful as attending a ULearn conference. Thanks Lorraine for sharing your experience and guidance. We look forward to reflecting on the learning and impact from this journey together. I have also been told that a group of Swedish teachers will be joining us at one of the schools so even more like-minded educators to share ideas with!

During our travels we will all be equipped with some 'Thinking cards' to get as thinking, questioning, predicting and sharing.

Questions to consider:

What motivates visits such as this?
What area are you wanting to focus on?
What are you expecting to see?
Is it about the technology? If so, why? If not, why not?
Who do you want to hear from? The teachers or the children?


Links discussed by Lenva at Bucklands Beach Intermediate.....
Cooltoolsforschools Wiki Site.....Click HERE
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All web 2.0 tools can be found through Levva's site......daftdoggy Voice Recording for example is under the Audio tools page, circaVie I found under the Organising Tools page. THIS SITE IS WELL WORTH THE EXPLORE!!!!

Please see this page for Point England's links and presentation sent to me today (November 7th) from Dorothy Burt.

Visual Record of our day - created using "PHOTOPEACH"