So, What is TedTalks?

Visit the website won't regret it.......
This site is a wealth of inspirational and informative talks given by world class speakers, it is therefore in effect.....highly sort after cheap PD!
You can look for talks by Theme or by Title or if there's a speaker you've always wanted to hear but have never had the opportunity, now's your chance.

Here is an example of one of the talks, I was shown part of this recently at a 3 day PD course run by Cheryl Doig - truly an inspiration (Cheryl and Sir Ken Robinson who delivers this talk on how School's are killing Creativity).

You can enlarge the screen by clicking on the small 'box type' symbol on the bottom right of the video 'toolbar'.

Hole in the Wall - Janet from St Mary's shared her feelings relating to this talk at the recent Cluster Management meeting....well worth the 'visit' - thanks Janet.