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Your Facilitator presented two workshops at ULearn 08 - "So you want the WOW Factor" (Comic Life) and "Builder Blog - Can we do it? YES WE CAN!" (Blogging)
What did teachers learn and create at one of my presentations?
A criteria was 'set' - explore an ICT issue/concern or problem in your school, negotiate and then highlight the solution. Of course there are always divergent thinkers in every 'class' so some of us chose to explore our relevant personal experiences......others chose to explore new tools on machines they hadn't used before (Photobooth on the IMACs is so much fun!)......an afternoon well spent, we shared new skills, explored possibilities, networked and made new friends! YES, this is what learning is all about.......
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Breakout 3 - "Cool Adobe Applications for Free" - Presenter Allanah King

I have to be honest, I chose this workshop for 3 reasons,
1 because Allanah is my idol,
2 because it was a 40 minute taster session and I was presenting straight after so that gave me time to 'reflect' and prepare,
3 because it said 'Free' in the title! (...and all facilitator's like to 'pass on' free stuff to teachers!)

Allanah is currently the facilitator for the discover IT Tasman group but was previously a classroom teacher. She is 'into' absolutely everything and gaining well deserved recognition for her huge contribution to the ICT 'world' of communication, collaboration and change. Allanah is also an Adobe Education Leader.

Here is a link to her presentation - every underlined title is a link to the relevant website.

I had a VERY quick fiddle with 'Photoshop Express'....here is an example of the 'POP' tool......
Lots of possibilities for in class: Integrating ICT - Art, Complementary/Contrasting colours, Creative photography, Literacy - poetic writing, Encouraging reluctant writers?
Cheers Paula

Add your Reflections Here......

My favourite workshop was the inquiry one taken by teachers from Waikowhai School. I might add that I muddled up the rooms and went to this workshop by mistake but am I glad I did. I have shared their great ideas with several staff members and one has taken it all on board and started creating a St Marys Inquiry learning programme!

Gerardine (St Marys)

I thought that First time presenter Kirstin Anderson- McGhie's breakout was very good and she has some excellent ideas about using ICT in the classroom. View her wiki at ULEARN called. Authenticict Thanks for all you did Paula.
Gavin (St Mary's)

My highlight would have to be learning how to use Keynote. My year 5/6 class have picked it up in two 1 hour lessons and are adding more features that I didn't even know. ( Of course my next highlight would have to be the REAL coffee!!!!! ) I have come back inspired to set up a blog and/or wiki. Paula has offered to help us set these up but we would love to be able to discuss good/not so good experiences with others who are using them already.
Thanks again to Paula for all her wonderful organisation.
Annette Barnett Omanu
P.S. Anyone for a conference debriefing drink???

Had a blast in Chch. Met so many amazing people and motivated to try many new things but haven't had the time (just waiting to complete reports ).
In one of my breakouts on digital photography we were given this neat site called cooliris
Brade (Mount Primary)

Hi everyone, just had an interesting session with Paula because Braede and I will be presenting some of our exciting discoveries learnt at ULearn08 to our teaching team. I thought that I would share this link with you. http://delicious.com It is a bookmarking site that enables you to load in your favourite bookmarks whilst also being able to visit other peoples. This would prove to be a valuable resource.
Anita (Mount Primary)

Has been great to get back to school and make the most of fresh motivation and new ideas picked up from ULearn (will hopefully have some bits and pieces to post soon!). Amy (Omanu)

What an awesome conference- even if we had a terrible time getting there.
I picked workshops that had an interest for Junior teachers and also taken by ICT facilitators. Sarah Taylor had a fantastic workshop on using several applications with Juniors (Kidpix, Comic Life, Keynote, green screening and recording into imovie). All these ideas Sarah is using with NE, year 1 children. Check out her wiki spaces for some great ideas.

Sue Te Akau ki Papamoa