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Interface - Supporting the use of ICT in learning
This is the magazine which we all received a copy of at our Cluster launch PD day - this was provided free to all 90 teachers, a very generous gesture in today's economic climate, I feel. This mag is a hard to put down read as it doesn't just cover what's happening out there (in REAL teachers classrooms!) but it has informative articles, in depth critics of equipment, valuable reader's comments and my personal favourite....2 whole pages of what's happening on the web.
NOTE: Any teacher can receive a free copy of INTERFACE magazine by going to their website and entering their details.

Online Read

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon and I have just received an email from Glen (the techie genius!) at Te Akau ki......this is a fantastic read. Currently this programme is in Beta (trial) format and I can't seem to embed so I have linked to it instead........a must read even if your not a Mac user as the info for integrating ICT tools into your classroom programme are very relevant regardless of the platform you are operating.
iLearn magazine iLearn.png
Here a screen capture of the cover......

Interesting Reading..... Have you heard about the "Flat Classroom"?

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