Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information.

MY Top Ten list (as at September 2008 - subject to change!)

1. Flickr (Suzie Vesper's Flickr page ) Big Huge Labs Bubblr
2. Wordle
3. Blabberize
4. Clustr Maps
5. Skype
6. Lookybooks this site is now closed
7. Google Maps Don't forget......Google Sky and Google Drive !)
8. Survey Monkey
9. Voicethread (Suzie Vesper's Voicethread page-very well resourced)
10. Jing

Top Ten List (as at September 2009 - subject to change!)
1. Skype
2. Blogspot
3. Wikispaces
4. Vocaroo
5. Blabberize
6. Survey Monkey
7. Jing
8. Voicethread
9. Text Generator
10. Photo Peach

These tools are actually in no particular order but rather are the ten that I use the most frequently and would never want to be without!
Also worthy of mentioning would be

11. Kideos This is a child friendly video host (in Youtube style)
12. Glogster
13. Mindmeister
14. Voki
15. Photofunia
16. Tube T.V (Mac only sorry)
17. Fotoflexer

Try Photopeach for creating digital photostories, a terrific Web 2.0 tool that you can add music and captions to in a matter of seconds!

Tino Pai Room 4 Mount Maunganui Primary for infusing ICT into their daily programme!

Take a look at Vocaroo an online voice recording tool that is automatically hosted on the internet.
Visit an Omanu learners blog to hear authentic examples - Room 14
A great tool to support Oral language in the classroom and to enhance our digital presence.

For those of you using Wordle .......
Click HERE to view an online presentation of 32 ways of using this web 2.0 tool in the classroom.


Click on the screen capture to be redirected to the website. This a web 2.0 tool that you download to your computer.
Here is my very quick, honestly less than 2 minutes is all it took (and not so creative Shape Collage, using photo's from our last years school visit to Point England and Buckland's Beach Schools). you can use absolutely any shape plus type in any letters or words. I love the way it saves as a jpeg to your computer so that you always have it and so that you can use it in lots of other applications. Very useful *

For those of you beginning to explore the world of Glogster . Here is a fantastic educational Glog created to inform and educate Parents

Click on preview image to go to Glog...

Amazing recording tool, embed on your blog!

A great 'Find' thanks to Ange M. at Te Akau ki Papamoa.....

Widgetbox - find unlimited widgets, many many warying of the advertising that appears on some. You can even make you own widget!



Other Lists

100 Helpful Web Tools for every kind of Learner - Specifically sorted into Learning Styles e.g. Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory.
Yet another link to a "Top 100 List" but this one is different because it is purely for educators. Each new find is worthy of exploring as there is always something new....
Steve Dembo and his Teach42 site.

PhotofuniaHere are some examples....all you need is a face shot, clearer the better....endless, easy opportunities for your learners to create and integrate. This new 'Face Detection' software is nothing short of amazing!Mini.pngSketch.png

100 Helpful Web Tools for all Learners
An interesting Slideshow on Web 2.0 tools.

Why use Web 2.0 Tools?

This is a Kids Web programming tool......haven't had the chance to test drive it yet....tell me what you think.....
Scratch Scratch.png

Support Documents

Learning with ScratchCreating with ScratchProgramming with Scratch

Data Mining Sites
These sites are created by computer programs (called robots) that constantly mine the internet for information on current events. Thought some of you might find it handy. Glen from Te Akau.

  • Universe - Creates interactive constellations based on current events over the last week. Great for social studies type investigations.
  • Wordcount - tracking the way we use language - the most commonly used 86,000 words in the english language.
  • 10 x 10 - 100 pictures that define now
Skrbl - Easy to share online whiteboard skrbl now

I found this interesting Web 2.0 tool recently, worth a look.......especially for those looking to embed Literacy and ICT into their classroom programme.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Narratives? Expressive Writing? Persuasive Arguments?
Hint: Click on the 'Google Eyes' for a better view........
Listen to members of Screen Actor Guild read books
Online 'talking' books
Here is a little site I have played with, it is great as an ignition activity. I was using it for narratives, along with an x chart to get students thinking about what their characters were thinking. It makes a photo talk, and you record directly onto the site. Bronwyn Ward (TAKP)
I made a Blabber for You!
Thanks Bron, here is an info widget from the Blabberize site.......this is digital literacy at it's finest!

I found this fun tool recently, amazing what you can do with a simple photo or Google image (in this case Harry Potter)

It's called "Be Funky" - I did this in the 'Cartoonizer'.

Clustr Maps
Add some code to your site to see a visual representation of where your visitors have come from. Different sized red dots indicate the number of people from that area who have visited. If you click on the map, you go to the website and see an exact figure for how many visitors you have had.