Workshops -

Term 3, 2008
I have had an excellent response to our weekly workshops next term. Many thanks to the lead teachers and Principals who have spread the word and encouraged teachers and staff to attend these. Not only will we learn new skills and applications during this time but we will have the opportunity to share experiences with teachers from other schools within our cluster. 'Networking' and building relationships and connections is an important part of the collaboration and communication goals that have been set for our Cluster. Don't you wonder what teachers at your level are doing in other schools? Come and find out!

Download and view this pdf to find out what workshop is on in which week. Your Lead teacher will have one of these displayed on your staffroom wall also.


Every Thursday, 3.30 to 4.30, Welcome Bay School. Computers supplied, But feel free to bring Laptop if you wish.

Sue Beesley is providing a car pool from Te Akau ki Papamoa - thank you Sue!

If you have not yet registered be quick as three of these workshops only have two places left! Email me, phone me.......

Evaluations and reflections can be found under Evaluation - Feedback.
Note: There will be no paper evaluations handed out at workshops, rather time will be provided to complete a very short (5 questions max!) survey using the Web 2.0 Tool Survey Monkey. If you haven't used this before it is a fantastic tool for your learners to use to gather data, reflective on past/present learning or tool survey community members etc. Information is stored online and can be by email invitation. Check it out now by clicking on this LINK.

Keep an eye out for Term 1 2009 'Thinking' workshops......I am planning these Term 4 so feel free to either contact me or add to this wiki below with any suggestions you may have.
Ideas so Far:
Tony Ryan - Thinkers Keys
Habits of Mind
DeBono's Six Hats