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Our Cluster is made up of five thriving New Zealand Primary Schools

It is hoped that this wiki will provide us with a place to

communicatediscussreflecton and celebrate our learning.


Here's an authentic use of ICT for enhancing teaching and learning in the classroom and supporting the Key Competencies as well!
A senior class at Welcome Bay School were responsible for all aspects of it's creation - casting, 'acting' filming etc.
Their guiding purpose was to create the video to teach a class at another school.

Below is a short highlight and celebration of some of our professional learning opportunities over the last 3 years.


Do your learners have an online presence?Do they use a Blog, a Wiki or have an Ultranet or KnowledgeNet page?Have you thought about leading them to create an Avatar to represent themselves?View this slideshare presentation to give you some ideas


Have you seen this video?Try sharing it on your data the end I doubt there will be anyone in the room not singing!

Download the words HERE

This weeks Website highlight is the site

There is a wide variety of stunning text styles to choose from - something for everyone!
(Both the mulit colour text "Plasma" and the on fire text "Flaming" were created on this site)

Without signing up on this site you can create Logo's (Signs/Headings/Fancy titles), Create 'Buttons' (like the ones down the lefthand side of this wiki).
When you sign up you can 'Get the Code' for Wiki's, Blog's and our LMS's.
Here is a brief Screen Recording (created using Quicktime) to explain how to use the site.......

Download a copy of the "Wicked Websites" sheet that Paula shared with Lead teachers this week

Or better still click HERE to access your own digital copy where all the links are live and you can just "click and go"

Here is a copy of the Websites sheet that Kay (from Welcome Bay School) put together for her Let's Connect session. It is full of valuable resource sites for Juniors (especially for those with IWB, Mobi Stations and Data Projectors).

Or better still click HERE to access your own digital copy where all the links are live and you can just "click and go"

Does your classroom look, sound and feel like a 21st Century learning space?
Ted McCain Biography

Here's a look into the interesting links I discovered on TWITTER in ten minutes:
Monday September 6th:
Conservation Week Site 12th to 19th September in NZ
GoAnimate - make your own cartoons and animations easily. Great for bringing writing alive. Visit Kevin Cummins blog to see how his students have used it.
Watbot weather forecasting - This is a UK site by the idea is fantastic for creating your own weather forecast. Excellent for infusing ICT, Science and Oral language.
FlipCams - great ideas on using Flip cameras in the classroom

I put the 'call' out for classroom blogging directories, this is what came back:
teachernz@paulajamieson try this for starters
mrhnz@paulajamieson this lists pretty good too

My own exploration led me to this
Support Blogging Huge list of both Educational and Classroom blogs. The "How to start" and "List of Resources" page are useful too.

Interactive Maths resources
Online Dice One/Two/Three, also a + or - Dice
Virtual Dice 6, 8 , 10, 12 face Dice

Ever wanted to make a realistic looking online digital book?
Try this exciting new Web 2.0 tool.....

Click on the picture to visit the site

Here is an example of what it looks like in reality .....
Thanks to Sue Beesley from Te Akau ki Papamoa and Room 4 Mount Maunganui learners for sharing their Keynotes with me.....all I did was 'export' them as a PDF.

The Day of the Storm

George's Camp ReflectionsDaisy's Camp Reflections
Double click on the picture and you will be taken to the site where the book opens and all the functions are active.

I love the way you can ZOOM in on each page and the fact that you (Parents, Whanau etc) can print out individual pages or download it straight to their computers!

How are you introducing and embedding the Key Competencies in your classroom?

Have you ever visited this website? Click HERE


Two authentic examples of learning created by Sue Beesley from Te Akau ki Papamoa's and her Year 1/2 class are featured under "New Resources".
When you walk into Sue's class you are surrounded by vibrant examples of children's learning experiences. I personally love the way Sue can take an 'everyday teaching moment' and put an ICT component into it that makes it a memorable and shared opportunity - instantly removing the walls of the classroom.
Sue and Te Akau ki are focused on "Lifting Student Achievement" particularly in Literacy.

What's all this "Twitter Talk"?

One of my Twitter contacts @KiwiJoe90 recently shared her Twitter knowledge and experiences at a Ulearn09 breakout.
If you haven't signed up for Twitter yet, give it some serious thought.

Paula's personal thankyous....

I would like to acknowledge Suzie Vesper , who is an ICT Facilitator from Wellington and also works for Core Education, her wiki is a very valuable site.
I have linked two pages, Internet Safety and Web 2.0 tools to her site as they are very worthwhile.
Suzie has several other websites , she is very obviously dedicated to empowering the learners of today and tomorrow!

To my PLN (Personal Learning Network) via Twitter/Facebook thank you for answering my questions, sharing your experiences,
highlighting useful links and providing me with endless thoughts to provoke and consider, you are all an inspiration.

To my fellow facilitators (you know who you are) a big shout out! Our sharing sessions provide quality dialogue, refreshing reflection and clear direction!

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